Video Script Writing Service

Done well, videos and commercials are highly effective marketing tools which can be distributed across many channels: TV, YouTube, websites, emails and social media. They are engaging, entertaining and have the capacity to go viral.

To get the most from your videos, you need a commercial script writer who can tell the full story in the limited time that a video allows. The writing needs to be concise, emotionally engaging and expressed in a voice which matches your brand and the values of your viewers. Depending upon the aim of the video, you need a versatile writer who can produce a script that may be funny, serious or heart-warming whilst entertaining, enlightening and persuading.

I am able to write scripts for explainer videos, sales videos and educational / training videos.

Besides writing the scripts I am more than happy to contribute to the wider creation of the video and will happily come up with ideas for visual and sound content as well as with a conceptual overview of the story or the sequence of events and actions in a video or series of videos.


Brad’s Bikes for eUKhost

This is the first of a series of six web videos telling the brand story of eUKhost. Each video focuses on the development of a customer’s business, Brad’s Bikes, and shows how, at each stage of the development, eUKhost have a service to help his website expand.

Launch Video for Amazing.Website

This video was one of a series of three created to launch the ‘Amazing.Website’ website building platform. The aim was to show just how easy it is to build a professional website using the online tools that the platform provides. In this example, I was asked to write the script after the video was completed, so it was necessary to match the content to the visual images on the screen.