Need An Expert Blog Writer?

There’s more to blogging than most people realise. A good blog is a well-curated collection of articles that, individually, solve problems for your readers and, as a body of work, create the layers of confidence, belief and trust that underpins your brand.

They showcase your expertise.

They add value to your services.

They show customers you care about them.

And they breed loyalty; getting visitors to return time and time again.

Blogs help generate large email lists, enabling you to market your products and services to an already engaged audience whenever you like – for free – making selling so much easier.

A blog’s ever growing body of work tells search engines your content is always fresh and relevant, helping you appear higher in search results.

Blog posts get shared, spreading the word to ever larger audiences. They get linked to, building your authority and Google ranking which, in turn, increases organic traffic and grows your audience even more.

It’s a win-win situation.

But that’s a good blog.

It’s not a couple of 300 word, badly articulated articles, stuffed with keywords and bought for a tenner on Fiverr.

To create a good blog, you need a clear content strategy and a damn good content writer who knows how to craft a great series of articles. Of course, this is only scratching the surface. There’s a lot more involved. But if you’d like a blog that works or someone to develop your existing one, contact me and I’ll explain how I can help you. My prices start from as little as £30.