Educational Copywriting

For Schools, Colleges and Universities

An Education Specialist

If you want outstanding educational copywriting you need a writer with an exceptional understanding of schools. As a former assistant headteacher who taught English for over twenty years, I can bring that experience to bear when writing for you. I understand schools, students and parents and have years’ of experience in school PR and writing schools’ website content, prospectuses and newsletters.

I have a thorough grasp of how schools wish to promote themselves and of the content they wish to publish. I also know the best ways to put this into writing. I can give advice on website and prospectus design if requested.


When you hand out a prospectus, you are presenting your school to the reader. It is a document which says, ‘This is what we are like.’ It’s much more than an information leaflet. It has to carefully balance the rigour, the expectations and the educational challenges students will face with the nurturing, experiences and enjoyment you will provide.

I write in a professional but friendly tone, using vocabulary that is as free as it can be of educational jargon. The aim is to connect with parents and students and present your school as an exciting, welcoming and successful place where students thrive. To achieve this, I work closely with relevant members of staff to make sure all important information and key messages are included.

Common Content Areas For Prospectuses

  • Introduction to prospectus (Headteacher’s welcome, brief description, invite to visit, etc.)
  • Ofsted statement
  • Achievement and Progress
  • Curriculum
  • Inclusion (SEND/G&T etc.)
  • Daily routines
  • Parental involvement
  • Extra curricular activities
  • Uniform
  • Admissions
  • Contact information

Website Content

Educational websites are becoming increasingly important communication channels for schools, colleges and universities, fulfilling a range of roles for different audiences. As the quality of your website’s design and content give an impression of what your establishment is like to visitors, it’s important that it looks good, reads well and is easy to navigate.

I can help you with all aspects of design, content and structure and can create well written, professional content that clearly communicates both the information you wish to share and the public image you wish to portray.

Press Releases

Whether it’s good news or bad, a press release needs special consideration because they can be misconstrued if not clearly worded. Bad news, especially, needs to be put into perspective, have the right tone and be balanced. I have a great deal of experience in writing press releases, including releases for negative Ofsted inspections.

If you need a press release, get in touch.



Working to Education Budgets

As a former teacher I am fully aware of how tight education budgets are, particularly in primary schools. My rates are fair and affordable. Feel free to contact me for an estimate.

Meeting Deadlines

I will only undertake a project if I know that I can meet your deadline. I usually work to two deadlines: a date for a draft to be submitted and then, depending on any changes you might want making, a second deadline for a final version.

Working with You

Before starting to work with you I will either visit you or contact you by phone and email to ensure that we agree on everything we wish to achieve and the ways we wish to proceed. You will also need to provide me with all the relevant information I need to complete the work.