Copywriter Fees

How much does it cost to hire me?


Whilst many copywriters charge by the hour, I prefer to give a fixed price for each job, that way there are no unexpected surprises and it’s easier for you to work to a budget.

It’s impossible to create a price list because every job is different. Some writing tasks take longer than others. However, I always aim to keep my rates affordable.


A guide to my fixed rate prices


The prices below are an indication only.

Blog posts and web pages: from £30

Content editing & improvement: from £20 per page

Press releases: from £25

4 Page leaflet: from £80

Prospectuses: from £250

Website content audit


A standard website content costs £15 – more details can be found here. For an audit where you require a page by page report on the quality of the written content on your site, prices start at £3 per page, depending on the depth of feedback you require.

Travel and Consultation Expenses


The vast majority of my communication with clients is done via telephone and email so for most clients there are no travel or consultation fees. However, if you require a face to face meeting, there is an hourly rate of £40. If I have to travel long distances to meet with a client, I will also need to charge for transport and accommodation expenses.

Working over the long-term


The longer I write for you, the easier it is for both of us. I get to understand more about your company and you can hand the work over with the confidence that I will meet your brief.

To help me build long-term relationships with my customers, I always try to keep my pricing affordable. I want you to see that hiring me is value for money and that I’m someone you want to keep working with.